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Dr. Nirupa Srikisson suspended for unprofessional conduct

Hearing Decisions, Media Release | Posted October 5, 2022

Edmonton, AB – A CPSA Hearing Tribunal suspended the practice permit of Dr. Nirupa Srikisson, a general practitioner from Drayton Valley, for unprofessional conduct.

Dr. Srikisson admitted to improperly providing medical care and prescribing medication to family members between 2009 and 2019 in violation of the Canadian Medical Association’s Code of Ethics and Professionalism, which states such care should be limited to minor or emergency situations, and only when another physician is not readily available. Dr. Srikisson also failed to maintain patient records for the care provided to the family members in accordance with CPSA standards, and inappropriately accessed their electronic health information, a breach of the Health Information Act.

The Hearing Tribunal accepted a joint submission on sanction and ordered the following:

  • Dr. Srikisson’s practice permit is suspended for three months, two months of which is to be served with one month held in abeyance, pending completion of the Tribunal’s remaining orders.
  • At her own cost, Dr. Srikisson must complete an assessment by the Comprehensive Occupational Assessment for Professionals (or equivalent) and address any resulting recommendations.
  • Dr. Srikisson is responsible for 60% of the costs of the investigation and hearing.

CPSA Hearing Tribunal decision

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