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Dr. Mohammed A.R. Sayeed sanctioned for relationship with patient

Hearing Decisions, Media Release | Posted January 10, 2022

Edmonton, AB – Dr. Mohammed A.R. Sayeed, a family physician from Lloydminster, was sanctioned by a CPSA hearing tribunal after being found guilty of unprofessional conduct in early 2021.

In 2016, Dr. Sayeed engaged in a sexual relationship with a vulnerable patient and failed to report the relationship to CPSA. Dr. Sayeed practises in both Alberta and Saskatchewan and the complaint was originally reported to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan (CPSS), who informed CPSA of their investigation. Upon receipt of this information, CPSA placed a condition on Dr. Sayeed’s practice permit in June of 2018, requiring a chaperone be present for every interaction with female patients, caregivers, family members and guardians. In December 2018, he agreed to withdraw from practice in Alberta while awaiting investigation of the CPSA complaint.

At the sanction hearing, the hearing tribunal accepted a joint submission on sanction. As Dr. Sayeed’s conduct occurred prior to the implementation of An Act to Protect Patients, sanctions under that legislation do not apply. The tribunal’s order includes the following:

  • Dr. Sayeed’s practice permit is suspended for 19 months and he will receive credit for the time he has already been out of practice in Alberta after voluntarily withdrawing in December of 2018.
  • The same conditions currently in place on Dr. Sayeed’s practice in Saskatchewan will also be placed on his practice in Alberta: he cannot work in a solo practice or be in control of a medical practice, cannot work more than 25 hours a week or see more than 20 patients per day and must have an approved female chaperone present for female patient encounters.
  • Dr. Sayeed must participate in CPSA’s Physician Health Monitoring Program in coordination with CPSS’ counterpart.
  • Dr. Sayeed is required to pay a $5,000 fine, plus two-thirds of the total costs of the investigation and hearing (total still to be finalized).

The hearing tribunal’s decision and full order on sanction can be reviewed via the link below.


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