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Dr. Fred Janke reinstated with practice conditions

Media Release | Posted April 22, 2021

Edmonton, AB – Dr. Fred Janke, a family physician from Sylvan Lake, voluntarily withdrew from practice in June 2018 after being arrested and charged with allegedly making and distributing child pornography, and allegedly making arrangements to commit sexual offences against a child. The person he was allegedly making arrangements with was actually an alias created by undercover police officers.

In November 2020, the charges against Dr. Janke were stayed by the Crown, meaning the Crown has suspended the prosecution of this case. Following the stay, Dr. Janke requested that his CPSA practice permit be reinstated.

“As Alberta’s medical regulator, our first priority is to protect the public, and we take matters such as these very seriously,” says Scott McLeod, CPSA Registrar. “With the criminal charges now being stayed, CPSA’s internal investigation can resume, and a chaperone condition has been placed on Dr. Janke’s practice permit until our process has concluded.”

The chaperone condition states that a chaperone must be in attendance when seeing any patient under the age of 18 years of age, who is not already in the presence of a parent/adult guardian, including virtual care.

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