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CPSA patient advocates now known as complaint navigators

Posted April 16, 2021

Being involved in a complaint can be stressful and overwhelming. To help, CPSA has dedicated complaint navigators, formally known as patient advocates, who can explain what to expect during the complaints process.

The transition from patient advocate to complaint navigator aligns with other medical regulators across Canada, and also stems from legislation that was passed recognizing the term ‘Patient Advocate’ as an official role and title within Alberta’s Mental Health Act. As our patient advocate role differs from that of the Mental Health Patient Advocate, keeping the same name could have become misleading.

So what does a complaint navigator do?

The complaint navigator is available to answer your questions on how to make a complaint against a regulated member. During the process of an active complaint, they are available to answer questions, and depending on the nature and complexity of a complaint, their involvement adjusts accordingly.

The complaint process is a regulatory and legal process and it takes place primarily through written correspondence. The necessary forms are on our website, and if you are unable to download them the complaint navigator can email or mail you a copy.

The complaint navigator will follow up with you if more information is needed about your complaint, and they will explain what authorizations are needed in order to process your complaint.

Complaint navigators are unable to provide legal advice or offer opinions on what they believe the outcome of your complaint may be.

Our complaint navigators are great listeners, but we encourage those individuals who require support to contact the Alberta Health distress line at 1-877-303-2642 to speak to a specialized healthcare provider.

For more information on CPSA’s complaint process, including the role of complaint navigators, visit

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