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CPSA Network Outage FAQs

Albertans, Physicians | Posted July 14, 2023

The majority of CPSA’s external systems are once again accessible with the exception of MyCPSA. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we worked to get these back online.

Please find some common FAQs below. If your question remains unanswered or you need further support, please reach out to or call 1-800-561-3899.


Can I submit a form online?

Yes, our forms are being received by CPSA and the online payment system is operational.


How do I access the CPSA Portal?

CPSA Portal is operational and can be accessed by regulated members at


How do I access the Online Application Tracking System (OATS)?

OATS is operational and can be accessed at

How do I access MyCPSA to take a training course assigned to me?

We apologize for the inconvenience but MyCPSA is not currently operational. We will let regulated members know as soon as it can be accessed.


What if I had a CPSA deadline while your email/website were down?

If you have been collaborating with CPSA and had a deadline affected by the outage, we are committed to working with you to extend the deadline and provide necessary support. Please reach out to the CPSA team member you’ve been in contact with or you can reach out to or call 1-800-561-3899 to be directed to the department you’ve been dealing with.


Why was CPSA’s website down?

CPSA has been experiencing a significant network outage resulting in limited access to our external systems. This outage has affected services such as email, website, CPSA Portal, the Online Application Tracking System (OATS) and MyCPSA.

Our email system is once again operational and our website and access to most of our applications have been restored, with the exception of myCPSA and OATS. We will inform CPSA regulated members when myCPSA and OATS are once again available.


Was any personal data compromised?

We understand the concerns that may arise from such a substantial network outage. Please be reassured that we take our responsibility in the protection of your data and privacy very seriously. In the event that any regulated member or Albertan data was compromised related to the outage, we will promptly inform all involved parties.




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