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Consider the risks before prescribing cough syrups containing codeine

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October Messenger 2022, Prescribing | Posted October 14, 2022
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Since July 2020, cough syrups containing codeine have been on Alberta’s Tracked Prescription Program (TPP Alberta) Type 1 medication list, meaning a prescriber must be registered with TPP Alberta and use a secure TPP pad when prescribing them. This was done after the Alberta College of Pharmacy (ACP) noticed a concerning increase in the number of forgeries reported for these medications—most often Cotridin.

Unfortunately, while prescription forgeries for these medications have dropped in the last two years, the number of pharmacy robberies has increased, with the primary target being Cotridin.

Prescribers are encouraged to consider the clinical risks and societal impact these kinds of medications have. To find out more, please review this joint article from TPP Alberta and ACP.

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