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Completed a practice improvement activity in the last 12 months? Report it on your annual renewal!

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October Messenger 2022 | Posted October 14, 2022
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CPSA’s Physician Practice Improvement Program (PPIP) requires all physicians in Alberta to complete one personal development and two quality improvement activities at least once over a five-year cycle:

  • A practice-driven quality improvement activity, which includes reviewing a source of objective practice data—such as your Alberta Health Services Dashboard Data, MD Snapshot-Prescribing, EMR data, or the Healthcare Panel Report from the Health Quality Council of Alberta—to identify opportunities for improvement based on the data, then creating, implementing and evaluating an action plan.
  • A quality improvement activity based on CPSA’s Standards of Practice to ensure all physicians understand the expectations of the standards and have assessed whether any gaps exist. Participating in a Group Practice Review or completing a self-assessment using our Metrics tool meets this requirement.
  • A personal development activity using reflection and formal feedback methods to focus on physician wellness and personal improvements. A multi-source feedback review, such as MCC 360, is an example of a personal development activity.

Tell us about your PPIP activity

If you have finished any of these activities in the last 12 months, be sure to report it in the PPIP section of your 2023 annual renewal. You do not need to submit the results of your activity, but we recommend keeping any records (data, action plans, evaluations, etc.) in case you are asked to verify your participation in the future.

Not sure where to start with PPIP?

Reach out to CPSA to inquire about the programs and tools we have available to help physicians on their practice improvement journey, or to find out whether any work you’re already doing can also satisfy a PPIP requirement.

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