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August Messenger 2019

August Messenger 2019 | Posted August 8, 2019

Him/he, her/she or they/them?

What name do you prefer to be called? What gender were you assigned at birth? What is your gender identity?

For some, these questions may be surprising and perhaps unnecessary. But for others, they are a sign of compassion, respect and a desire to learn and understand. We sat down with Edmonton psychiatrist Dr. Michael Marshall, to learn how physicians can better understand their LGBTQ2S+ patients and ask the questions that will improve their care. Read more or listen to our podcast.

Make an impact on health care in Alberta

Nominations for CPSA Council open next week-learn more by watching our town hall recording

Are you interested in physician leadership?
Would you like to provide meaningful input on important health care issues?
Do you want to influence the future of medical practice in our province?

If so, then this is the opportunity you’ve been looking for: CPSA Council elections are coming up and nominations open next week.

Council is CPSA’s governing body, making the decisions that influence how we fulfill our mandate: protecting the public by guiding the medical profession. As a member of Council, you will bring your unique perspective to the table while gaining valuable experience in governance and leadership.

The field of medicine is changing rapidly-be part of the evolution!

Four physician member positions are available this year, for three-year terms beginning Jan. 1, 2020. Nominations open on Friday, Aug. 16-keep an eye on your email for the official notice and submission forms.

Want to know more about serving on Council?

We recently held two town hall-style sessions, where Council President Dr. John Bradley and CPSA Registrar Dr. Scott McLeod met with physicians interested in pursuing this opportunity. Watch a recording of the Edmonton town hall session to find out what it’s like to be a member of Council.

Questions? Send an email to

All your patient health information, in one place

Connect Care is expected start a phased roll-out in Nov. 2019, with full implementation by end of 2022

Continuity of care is about a patient and provider healthcare experience that is coherent, connected, coordinated and consistent with patient goals.

Connect Care will support continuity in health care across Alberta. This clinical information system (CIS) will replace more than 1,000 health information systems currently in place across Alberta Health Services (AHS) and affiliated organizations. When fully implemented in late 2022, it will be used by all providers where AHS is accountable for the record of care.

Non-AHS providers in the community will be able to access Connect Care information on Netcare and in their EMRs through eDelivery.

AHS, the Alberta Medical Association and Alberta Health are working together to support two-way health information sharing between community EMRs and Alberta Netcare. This will be managed through two systems called Community Information Integration (CII) and Central Patient Attachment Registry (CPAR). Together, the systems will:

  • Enable sharing of important healthcare information between the patient’s family physician and other providers in the patient’s circle of care.
  • Facilitate sharing of consultation reports back to the patient’s family physician and other providers.
  • Identify relationships between patients and their primary provider.
  • Allow for family physicians to identify and coordinate when patients are on multiple panels and enable confirmed patient-family physician information to be available on Alberta Netcare.
  • Support notification of primary providers when their patient has a hospitalization or ER visit.

Connect Care, community EMRs, Netcare and CII/CPAR will bring continuity to Albertans’ experience of health care by centralizing health information and increasing access to it.

For regular Connect Care updates, visit the AHS website.

Mark your calendars-our next consultation opens soon

Provide your feedback starting Sept. 9

Back in May, we conducted our first pre-consultation where we asked physicians to provide feedback on our standards of practice about reporting:

We’ve reviewed all your feedback and are in the process of drafting a new standard that will combine all the important details from these three into one. We hope this will make it easier for you to access the information you need.

Consultation on the new draft standard will open on Monday, Sept. 9. Brush up on the standards linked above in the meantime, and keep an eye on your inbox for the consultation form to provide your feedback by Nov. 8.

Questions? Contact Chantelle Dick, CPSA Standards of Practice Coordinator, at

Mandatory Bill 21 training module

On April 1, 2019, Bill 21: An Act to Protect Patients came into effect. This legislation mandates that any health professional whose behaviour is proven to be sexual abuse or sexual misconduct face a mandatory suspension or permanent revocation of their practice permit.

Under Bill 21, all health professionals must complete mandatory training to prevent and address sexual abuse and sexual misconduct. CPSA has developed a training module for physicians, to be completed through the University of Calgary Cumming School of Medicine Continuing Medical Education online learning platform.

All physicians required to complete this mandatory training (i.e., those in independent practice) have been notified via email.

The mandatory training module will take approximately 30 minutes to complete and is eligible for CPD credits.

Discipline reports

Dr. Richard Barr found guilty of unprofessional conduct

Calgary Urologist Dr. Richard Barr has been found guilty of unprofessional conduct by a CPSA Hearing Tribunal.


Dr. Barr failed to respond to CPSA on several occasions, relating to a Terms of Resolution agreement he entered into on Dec. 31, 2014.

As part of the Terms of Resolution, Dr. Barr agreed to respond promptly to all correspondence, that a response deadline could be extended with CPSA approval and that a Hearing Tribunal could consider the Terms of Resolution when determining a sanction if Dr. Barr failed to fulfill the terms.

Dr. Barr received a 30-day practice permit suspension and is responsible for the full costs of the investigation and hearing. He has since appealed the hearing decision.


Physicians have a duty to cooperate with their regulator and Dr. Barr, as a long-standing member of CPSA and someone who had a Terms of Resolution, failed in his duty. When making their decision, the Hearing Tribunal noted that CPSA “must carry out its activities and govern its regulated members in a manner that protects and serves public interest.” Dr. Barr failed to cooperate promptly, restricting the CPSA’s ability to fulfill its duties and preserve public confidence in the profession.


Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta stays CPSA decision to suspend permit of Dr. Ramneek Kumar 

The Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta has stayed a decision by CPSA to suspend the practice permit of Calgary Pediatrician Dr. Ramneek Kumar.


Under section 65 of the Health Professions Act, CPSA suspended Dr. Kumar’s practice permit on May 13, 2019, pending the resolution of criminal charges for sexual assault and sexual interference of a minor who was not a patient of Dr. Kumar.


Justice Eidsvik stayed CPSA’s suspension of Dr. Kumar, allowing him to continue practising with the requirement that the chaperone condition, effective April 2, 2019, remain in effect. Dr. Kumar is mandated to post signage in his clinic stating that a chaperone must be present for all patient visits. Dr. Kumar also remains under restrictions placed on him by the Provincial Court of Alberta, which include that he may not be in the presence of any child under the age of 16 years old without a parent being present.

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