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A Message From The Registrar

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From the Registrar, January Messenger 2021 | Posted January 19, 2021

Supporting our public health system    

We understand this is a very challenging time for physicians and anxieties can be running high. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the vast majority of physicians have gone above and beyond to support patients, their colleagues and our healthcare system overall. CPSA thanks everyone for continuing to provide the highest level of care at all levels. However, some physicians have made comments that both undermine the COVID-19 public health measures and share information that may not be grounded in facts about our system’s vaccination rollout.

CPSA recognizes every physician’s right to freely express your opinions and advocate for patient care; however, it’s essential as medical professionals you use caution when making statements that fall outside your area of expertise or professional experience. I ask every physician in our province to please be mindful of the information you’re sharing, whether it be through social media, conversations with patients or even chats with your neighbours. As physicians, your perspectives on our public healthcare system are held to a high standard of credibility and can influence the viewpoints of Albertans. Therefore, it’s essential that what you share is grounded in fact, not hearsay.

Please refer to the CMA’s Code of Ethics & Professionalism, particularly:

  1. Engage in respectful communications in all media.
  2. Provide opinions consistent with the current and widely accepted views of the profession when interpreting scientific knowledge to the public; clearly indicate when you present an opinion that is contrary to the accepted views of the profession.

Thank you for supporting the COVID-19 response in the most productive way possible. Your role makes all the difference as we continue to fight this pandemic.

Dr. Scott McLeod

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