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Restricted Activities

This consultation closed on Oct. 19, 2022.

About the standard

In December 2020, the Alberta government passed the Health Statutes Amendment Act, 2020 (No.2). The act will remove the authorization of restricted activities from the Physicians, Surgeons, Osteopaths and Physician Assistants Regulation and put them into a new regulation. There will be no change in scope for the authorizations in the new regulation. These activities, as well as the supervision of them, must be addressed in a standard of practice, including:

  • how a regulated member performs the restricted activity;
  • who may be permitted to perform the restricted activity under the supervision of a regulated member; and
  • how a regulated member must supervise persons who provide restricted activities under the regulated member’s supervision.

Alberta Health requires the standard follow a similar format to the existing regulation with minimal changes. In order to meet this expectation, CPSA has incorporated the following changes into our existing Supervision of Restricted Activities standard of practice:

  • adding the relevant sections from the Physicians, Surgeons, Osteopaths and Physician Assistants Regulation;
  • editing and rearranging sections for consistency and better flow; and
  • renaming the standard to Restricted Activities for clarity.

Council approved the draft Restricted Activities standard of practice for consultation during their September meeting. It is anticipated the new regulation will come into force in late 2022, at which time the revised Restricted Activities standard will take effect.

Your opinion matters

Changes to CPSA’s Standards of Practice impact your day-to-day practice. Your feedback is important to us, but please note CPSA has limited ability to incorporate additional changes on the Restricted Activities standard of practice as this requirement is driven by legislation.

CPSA members, partner organizations, other healthcare professionals and Albertans were invited to provide feedback from Sept. 19 to Oct. 19, 2022 via survey, email, or the comment form below.

Anonymized feedback will be considered by Council when approving final amendments to the standard at their December meeting. Once amendments are finalized and approved by Council, members will be notified via direct email and The Messenger newsletter.

We respect your privacy

All feedback is subject to CPSA’s Privacy Statement. CPSA reviews all comments before publication to ensure there is no offensive language, personal attacks or unsubstantiated allegations.

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