Academic Appointments on the Provisional Register

Academic appointments

If you’re an international medical graduate (IMG) who has been recruited to full-time academic appointments at a Faculty of Medicine at an Alberta university, you may need CPSA registration under our Provisional Register for Academic Appointments.

Candidates who may have special continuing academic, clinical academic, or part-time academic appointments are not eligible for the Academic Appointment register.

This is a very specific registration that only applies to the following full-time academic appointments:

Continuing Academic Appointment

This university-funded position is typically called “continuing tenure track” or “tenured appointment.” The university recruits, hires, oversees and pays for the physician.

Contingent Academic Appointment

This position is funded by outside sources through the university. The university recruits, hires, oversees and pays for the physician through their funding.

How to apply

To apply, you need to first apply for Independent Practice. If you’ve been offered a full-time academic appointment, we’ll ask for proof in the form of a letter from the Dean of the University’s Faculty of Medicine.

Application time limits

If you apply and we find you are eligible for registration in Alberta, you must submit the following documentation within the required time frame . Your file will automatically close if this documentation is not submitted:

  • Within 30 days of your eligibility letter: Application Form through
  • Within 365 days of your eligibility letter: Supporting documentation listed on your eligibility letter

If your file is closed, you will have to submit a new Review of Qualifications form and pay the applicable fee to restart your application.

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