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TPP Alberta news (two-part forms now in use; update on Foquest®)

Latest News Archive | Posted March 20, 2019

Updates from Alberta’s prescription monitoring program

Move to a two-part form

As mentioned in January, TPP Alberta is moving to a two-part prescription form to improve processes and save significant operational costs. The prescribing and submission requirements remain unchanged.

The new two-part forms are now in use. Please use up your existing stock of three-part forms before re-ordering.

When using the new two-part form, the pharmacy will receive only one copy of the secure prescription. We recommend prescribers fax the prescription to the patient’s pharmacy of choice. (Please refer to the Prescribing: Administration standard of practice).

Pharmacies will continue to send a copy of the TPP Alberta prescription only for compounded medications, veterinary use, office use or when it is a Yukon prescription.


Keeping the TPP Alberta program name

In moving from a three-part to a two-part form, the program will keep its recognized “TPP Alberta” name. However, program administrators will no longer use the word “triplicate” for TPP Alberta.

Foquest (methylphenidate hydrochloride controlled release capsules)

Effective immediately, TPP Alberta is monitoring Foquest as a type 2 drug (instead of a type 1 drug). Therefore, a secure TPP Alberta prescription form is no longer required. This change is based on input from prescribers, experts and from post-marketing data.

Contact or call 1-800-561-3899 ext. 4939.

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