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Make a positive impact on health care in Alberta by joining a CPSA committee!

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November Messenger 2022 | Posted November 10, 2022
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Find the vacancy that’s right for you and apply today

At CPSA, several committees made up of physicians, Albertans and other partners help guide our work with their expertise and advice. If you would like to take on an active role in profession-led regulation while gaining experience in governance and leadership, consider applying!

Building Fund Initiatives Working Group

We are currently seeking at least one member to join the CPSA Building Fund Initiatives Working Group, to support the implementation of the CPSA Healthier Albertan Grant, and the evaluation and reporting of the proposals.

How to apply

To learn more about this opportunity and other CPSA committees with open vacancies, and to apply for the position you’re interested in, visit the Committees page on CPSA’s website.

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