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Dr. Sveta Silverman receives suspension for unprofessional conduct

Hearing Decisions, Media Release | Posted July 6, 2021

Dr. Sveta Silverman, an anatomical pathologist from Edmonton, has been found guilty of unprofessional conduct by a hearing tribunal. Dr. Silverman inappropriately accessed NetCare health records for someone who wasn’t her patient, provided advice and referrals regarding complementary and alternative medical treatment without approval, and provided advice that was contradictory and belittling toward the treatment plan and physician advice the patient was receiving at the Cross Cancer Institute.

The hearing tribunal ordered that Dr. Silverman’s practice permit be suspended for three months, but reduced to one month if she provides a written apology to both the patient’s family and the physician from the Cross Cancer Institute. If Dr. Silverman receives an additional credible complaint regarding a similar issue within the next five years, the hearing tribunal may then determine she must serve the balance of the suspension.

In addition, Dr. Silverman must participate in and unconditionally pass the CPEP PROBE course, at her own cost, and is responsible for 75 per cent of the costs of the investigation and hearing (totaling $14,569.29).



CPSA hearing tribunal decision

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