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Dr. Gaylord Wardell sanctioned for unprofessional conduct

Hearing Decisions, Media Release | Posted November 28, 2022

Edmonton, AB – Dr. Gaylord Wardell of Medicine Hat has been sanctioned by a CPSA Hearing Tribunal after he was found guilty of unprofessional conduct.

Dr. Wardell was accused of failing to comply with three CPSA Standards of Practice in his provision of patient care in 2017: Cannabis for Medical Purposes, Referral Consultation and Telemedicine (now Virtual Care). In their February 2022 merits decision, the Tribunal agreed Dr. Wardell was not fully compliant with the Cannabis for Medical Purposes standard. The charges pertaining to the other standards were found unproven and dismissed.

The Hearing Tribunal reconvened in October 2022 to determine Dr. Wardell’s sanction. A joint submission from both parties was accepted and the Tribunal ordered the following:

  • Dr. Wardell will receive a reprimand.
  • On a quarterly basis for 12 months, Dr. Wardell’s authorizations for cannabis for medical purposes will be monitored by CPSA’s Physician Health Monitoring Program.
  • Dr. Wardell is responsible for 20% of the costs of the investigation and hearing.

The Tribunal’s full decisions on both merits and sanction can be reviewed via the links below.

CPSA Hearing Tribunal decision (sanction)
CPSA Hearing Tribunal decision (merits)
CPSA media release (March 2022)
CPSA’s Standards of Practice

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