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Dr. Efe Michael Ovueni sanctioned by CPSA hearing tribunal

Hearing Decisions, Media Release | Posted February 3, 2022

Edmonton, AB – Dr. Efe Michael Ovueni, a general practitioner from Calgary, was sanctioned for unprofessional conduct by a CPSA hearing tribunal.

It was alleged that in January 2020, Dr. Ovueni hugged and air-kissed a member of his medical office staff without her consent. Dr. Ovueni admitted to the allegation and a joint submission on sanction was accepted by the hearing tribunal.

The tribunal ordered the following:

  • Dr. Ovueni will receive a reprimand.
  • Dr. Ovueni’s practice permit is suspended for three months, with two weeks served and two-and-a-half months held in abeyance on the condition that no further boundary concerns are brought forward to CPSA.
  • Dr. Ovueni must complete and unconditionally pass the Center for Personalized Education for Physicians Probe Course.
  • Dr. Ovueni must also pay a fine of $3,000 and is responsible for the full cost of the investigation and hearing (total still to be determined).

As the complainant in this case was not a patient, Dr. Ovueni’s conduct does not meet the definition of sexual misconduct under the Health Professions Act.

CPSA hearing tribunal decision

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