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Dr. Aasim Malik suspended after admitting to unprofessional conduct

Hearing Decisions, Media Release | Posted July 27, 2022

Edmonton, AB – Family physician Dr. Aasim Malik was suspended from medical practice by a CPSA Hearing Tribunal, after admitting to charges of unprofessional conduct.

Dr. Malik was accused of using inappropriate sexual language in conversations with four female healthcare professionals he worked with and disclosing personal, sexual details about himself. He was also accused of hugging two colleagues without their consent and providing an antibiotic prescription for one colleague’s child, without assessing the child or creating a medical record for the care provided.

Dr. Malik admitted to the allegations and the Hearing Tribunal accepted a joint submission on sanction, which includes the following:

  • Malik’s practice permit is suspended for six months.
  • The conditions currently on Dr. Malik’s practice permit will remain in place for six months after Dr. Malik completes his suspension. If there are no complaints to CPSA in that time similar to the charges levied in this case, Dr. Malik may request the conditions be lifted.
  • Malik must submit a letter to the Hearing Tribunal outlining his understanding of his conduct and how it affected the complainants (who will also receive a copy of the letter).
  • Malik is responsible for two-thirds of the costs of the hearing and investigation (final amount to be determined).

As the complainants in the boundary aspects of this case were not patients, Dr. Malik’s actions do not meet the definition of sexual misconduct under Alberta’s Health Professions Act.


CPSA Hearing Tribunal decision

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