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CPSA’s position statement on racism and discrimination

Media Release | Posted April 6, 2022

In March 2022, CPSA Council approved a position statement on racism and discrimination, to affirm Council’s position that such behaviour is a violation of our Code of Ethics and Professionalism and constitutes unprofessional conduct. The position statement also acknowledges the continued existence of racist and discriminatory practices and policies in health care, leading to diminished quality of care and poor outcomes.

“We know racism and discrimination exist in health care and we have a responsibility to both Albertans and physicians to promote anti-racism and anti-discrimination while also challenging the provincial healthcare system to do better,” says Stacey Strilchuk, CPSA Council President.

The acknowledgement of racism and discrimination and the harm it continues to cause is significant, however words are meaningless without action. CPSA is committed to collaborating with those who have lived experience so we can recognize and appropriately respond to acts of racism and discrimination, working in partnership to create safe care spaces for all.

CPSA has established two advisory groups to lead this journey of change, the Anti-Racism Anti-Discrimination Action Advisory Committee and the Indigenous Health Advisory Circle. The Anti-Racism Anti-Discrimination Action Advisory Committee is working towards incorporating sensitive and culturally-responsive concepts, actions and language to further guide CPSA’s regulated members and our internal operations.

A key focus of the Indigenous Health Advisory Circle is to listen and learn from those with lived Indigenous experiences across Alberta. Through collaboration and creating a safe space to share these experiences and ideas, the Circle will help CPSA reflect on our own processes and identify how to better understand and support Indigenous patients and better guide regulated members who care for them.

CPSA stands against racism and discrimination in all forms and we believe these essential first steps will lead to more equitable and inclusive care experiences for all Albertans.

Read CPSA’s position statement on racism and discrimination

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