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A Modern Step Forward

Latest News Archive | Posted November 29, 2019

The College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta Take a Modern Step Forward

The College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA) signaled the beginning of a new chapter today, with the rollout a new visual identity (including a new logo) and communications strategy.

The new logo is a modern take on the Rod of Ascleptius, the most recognizable symbol of health care in the world. The staff and snake are represented by half-circles and negative space. The four half-circles also symbolize our commitment to those we work with: Albertans, physicians, partners-including the facilities we accredit- and CPSA team members.

“This new visual identity respects the rich history of medicine in Alberta, while our new look represents our desire to strengthen relationships and enhance trust with our key audiences,” says CPSA Registrar Dr. Scott McLeod.

As part of this enhanced direction, CPSA has defined six characteristics to act as a lens for our organization moving forward: Approachable, Collaborative, Consistent, Informed, Thorough and Transparent.

These characteristics were chosen through an inclusive research process that engaged Albertans, physicians and our team members, using their views and feedback to pave our path forward.

How does CPSA define these characteristics?


CPSA believes in providing excellent service. We treat Albertans, physicians, partners and our team with respect and dignity in every interaction.

We connect with Albertans, physicians and partners outside of regulatory processes, to balance our authority with mentorship. Through these meaningful interactions, we build trust with our communities.

There are a variety of ways to connect with us and we are timely, respectful and accurate in our interactions. Because of this, Albertans, physicians, partners and our team trust that they can contact us with any questions or concerns.


CPSA believes great ideas come from working together. We welcome feedback from Albertans, physicians, partners and our team. When there are opportunities to influence change, we seek, listen to and consider feedback to make informed decisions.

We collaborate, share our perspectives and respect each other’s areas of expertise, to create meaningful improvements for Alberta’s healthcare system. To be inclusive and informed, we consider diverse perspectives from Albertans, physicians, partners and our team.


By setting clear expectations and applying due diligence and due process, Albertans, physicians, partners and our team know what to expect from us. This helps us protect Albertans and be fair in our approach to regulation.

Because we want to continue to learn and grow as an organization, we will evolve our approach when we need to. When processes change, we share the information openly, in a timely manner and explain the rationale.

Albertans, physicians, partners and our team can expect their interactions with us to be consistently helpful and respectful.


CPSA works diligently to earn the respect and trust of Albertans, physicians and partners through our knowledge and expertise. We commit to making evidence-based decisions and look for opportunities to be innovators in profession-led regulation. CPSA’s perspective is valued in the health care community, where we can support change on significant healthcare issues.

We prioritize our involvement in the community and listen to the diverse perspectives of Albertans, physicians, partners and our team. We are helpful and respectful in all our interactions, providing timely and accurate information.


CPSA’s decisions can have a profound effect on Albertans and physicians. Knowing this, we are diligent, thoughtful and carefully consider the facts to make informed decisions.

Knowing it’s our responsibility as a regulator to keep people informed, we make it easy for Albertans, physicians, partners and our team to access the information they want and need.

Because excellent service is at the core of our business, we have well-documented processes that are readily accessible and easy to understand.


Transparency and trust go hand-in-hand. Whenever legislation and privacy laws allow, we share decision-making factors and hearing tribunal outcomes in an open and timely way. We make information for Albertans, physicians, partners and our team readily accessible and easy to understand.

We respect privacy and go to great lengths to protect confidential information. When sharing sensitive information about physicians, the facts are presented while respecting the public’s right to information and the physician’s dignity.

We seek feedback when there is the opportunity to influence change. After feedback has been considered, we follow up with those involved and share the outcomes of the decision.

For more information, please contact Director, Communications Jessica McPhee

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