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I’d like to use a web-based health service. How do I know if it’s reputable?

Posted September 9, 2022

Web-based health services can be a convenient and easy way to access medical advice,
but it’s important to know where the doctor is licensed and whether they have the right
training and experience to provide safe, effective care.

Physicians providing virtual care to Albertans must be licensed with CPSA unless:

  • the medical care is not readily available in Alberta (e.g., specialty care);
  • the care is being provided to ensure follow-up or continuity of care to a patient who
    has relocated to Alberta, until the patient finds a local primary care provider;
  • orthe virtual care encounter is for emergency assessment or treatment of the patient
    where there are no other care options available.

Be aware that other countries might not have the same clinical standards or privacy
requirements as Canada.

All doctors who participate in the online service should be listed on the service’s website,
along with information about their experience and training. It’s also a good idea to check
the website of the medical regulator in the doctor’s home jurisdiction for details about the
doctor’s credentials and discipline history. You can usually find out where the service is
located by looking at the contact information on the website.

To look up Canadian doctors, go to the appropriate provincial or territorial medical
regulator listed here.