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After applying to CPSA, how long does it take to become a sponsor?

Posted April 10, 2024

Applying to become a sponsor involves the following process:

  1. Prospective sponsors complete an application form on
  2. CPSA reaches out to prospective sponsors to advise where applications are incomplete/missing information.
  3. Once an application is deemed complete, CPSA reaches out to prospective sponsors to pay the sponsorship fee.
  4. A sponsorship committee reviews the sponsor application submission and makes a decision.

Applicants will receive an email within two business days confirming receipt of the application. CPSA will strive to complete the initial screening of the application for completeness within two weeks and the final adjudication of the complete package with a written decision within another two weeks; the total time should be about one month for applications that require little to no follow-up. If an application is incomplete and requires further follow-up during the initial screening, this will impact the timelines above. We anticipate that our process will be faster as time passes and we work to improve efficiency, as well as get through the large and enthusiastic initial volume of requests.