Opioid Agonist Treatment Clinics in Alberta

If you are a patient seeking information about opioid agonist treatment, please contact one of the following clinics directly.

This listing is for information purposes only. Appearing on this list does not imply endorsement (last updated January 2021).


Virtual Opioid Dependency Program (AHS)
Opioid Agonist Therapy, Emergency Medication Treatment & Transition Support
Phone: 1-844-383-7688
Fax: 403-783-7610


Bonnyville Opioid Dependency Program (AHS)
Phone: 780-826-8034
Fax: 780-826-8057


Calgary Opioid Dependency Program (AHS) 
Phone: 403-955-3600
Fax: 403-297-4985

Levitee Clinic Calgary Downtown 
Phone: 403-232-6990
Fax: 403-232-6992

Bridgeland Medical Clinic
Phone: 403-457-9055
Fax: 403-457-9056

Metro City Medical Clinic 
Phone: 587-430-0905
Fax: 587-356-0783


Cardston Opioid Dependency Program (AHS) 
Phone: 403-653-5283
Fax: 403-653- 5289

Cold Lake

Glacier Gate Clinic
Phone: 780-594-8130
Fax: 855-485-4417


Edmonton Opioid Dependency Program (AHS) 
Phone: 780-422-1302
Fax: 780-427- 0777

Opioid Dependency Program Northgate (AHS)
Phone: 780-422-1302
Fax: 780-427-0777

Opioid Dependency Program Edmonton West Primary Care Network (AHS)
Phone: 780-405-8193
Fax: 780-427-0777

Opioid Dependency Program Sherwood Park (AHS)
Phone: 780-422-1302
Fax: 780-427-0777

Ideal Medical Center 
Phone: 780-756-1234
Fax: 780-756-7562

Metro City Medical Clinic 
Phone: 780- 429-3991
Fax: 780-429-3988

Savera Medical Centre 
Phone: 780-761-6767
Fax: 780-761-6769

Fort McMurray

Fort McMurray Opioid Dependency Program (AHS) 
Phone: 780-793-8339
Fax: 780-793-8341

Grande Prairie

Levitee Clinic
Phone: 587-259-2681
Fax: 587-259-1248

Grande Prairie Opioid Dependency Program (AHS) 
Phone: 780-833-4991
Fax: 780-833-4715

High Prairie

High Prairie Opioid Dependency Program (AHS)
Phone: 780-536-2136
Fax: 780-536-2148


Levitee Clinic
Phone: 403-942-3003
Fax: 403-942-4848

Prairie Treatment Clinic 
Phone: 403-942-7077
Fax: 403-942-4005

Medicine Hat

Levitee Clinic
Phone: 403-504-1874
Fax: 403-504-5038

Medicine Hat Addiction Clinic 
Phone: 403-487-3944
Fax: 403-487-3943

Red Deer

Levitee Clinic
Phone: 587-272-0228
Fax: 403-986-1157

Metro City Medical 
Phone: 1-855-886-6262
Fax: 587-356-0783

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