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Information and resources for Albertans during COVID-19. This page was last updated on Dec 14, 2021.

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Can my physician refuse to see me if I am not vaccinated against COVID-19?

Patients who are not fully vaccinated cannot be denied care. Clinics are obligated to follow strict Infection Prevention and Control standards. These measures are designed to offer protection from transmission in the absence of staff or patient vaccination. Many clinics also undertake COVID-19 prevention strategies, which may include the use of barriers, requiring mask use by staff and patients, arranging for virtual care, postponing non-urgent visits and scheduling appointments.

Can CPSA give me the name of a physician who will issue me a COVID-19 vaccination exemption?

No, we do not have a list of physicians. Patients must discuss their request for an exemption with their primary care physician.

I'm concerned about a physician spreading COVID-19 misinformation online or in person. What should I do?

Concerns regarding physicians, along with any proof or evidence of such allegations, should be sent to

Will COVID-19 vaccination exemptions be given to pregnant women or those trying to become pregnant?

Pregnancy, or attempting to become pregnant, does not warrant exemption from vaccination. COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective for pregnant individuals and their babies, and vaccination may occur at any time, or during any trimester of pregnancy. Since the outset of the pandemic, the only pregnant women admitted to ICUs in Alberta have been unvaccinated. COVID-19 has severe impacts on the mother’s health and also the child’s. Alberta Health Services has very helpful information on COVID-19 vaccination and pregnancy.

Does CPSA provide COVID-19 vaccine attestations for travel outside of Canada?

CPSA does not provide vaccine attestations. For travel outside of Canada, you will need to provide proof of vaccination and a negative COVID-19 test which will qualify you to sign your own attestation. For more information,  please visit or use the ArriveCan app or website for information on entry requirements.

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