Valerie Beukema

Regarding proposed changes: Please remove the "effective referral" portion from this policy. How can physicians be bound to refer a patient to care, procedures, etc. that are contrary to the physician's understanding of what would benefit the patient? Is that not hypocrisy? If a physician who doesn't believe it is correct/ethical to offer MAiD (putting someone else to death) how can that physician refer the patient to someone else to be put to death, and not be complict? Aside from being against the Hippocratic Oath to Do NO Harm, it is against the law of the Lord God, creator of mankind, to cause death in a Medical Practice. It is also morally wrong to request/demand any physician to refer a patient for a procedure the physician believes is wrong. Please support Physicians' Conscience Rights in Alberta. We need to keep our conscientious Doctors!

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