Tara Juarez

Freedom is incredibly valuable. One only needs to look at the examples in history to see horrendous accounts of the abuses perpetrated against vulnerable individuals. As a Canadian citizen, it is my duty to raise both moral and ethical concerns with the proposed new policy that would require doctors to refer patients for medical "procedures" to which they have conscientious objection(s). A physician in Canada ought to be able to practice medicine without providing referrals for harmful "procedures", especially for those suffering from mental health issues, substance abuse or even post-partum depression. Under no circumstances should any individual be required to participate in an ethically reprehensible practice, such as euthanasia. Instead of providing a path to death, a physician, and the community, should offer support for life, healing, and a path to recovery. Murder is a criminal offence, no matter what sort of language is donned as a disguise. Please protect the value of human life and the integrity of the medical profession in Canada.

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