Tanya Fenske

Sadly, if this legislation to force doctors to kill (or assist in killing) pre-born children and vulnerable patients goes through, you will lose your best and most compassionate medical professionals. These people really care for the whole patient — physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually —as has been the tradition for decades. With a new mandate forcing a particular course of ”treatment”, you create medical Technicians, rather than caring, compassionate, patient advocators. The Hypocratic Oath calls physicians to ‘do no harm’ to their patients. How can a patient trust a doctor who might just suggest that they end their life. Patients need to know that a doctor is on their side, encouraging them in their best and fullest life (not death). I have a 90 year old mother, who recently broke her shoulder. She had a few dismal weeks when she reasonably struggled with the question of whether or not to ask for assisted suicide. Fortunately, there was enough family around her to encourage her in her recovery. She is doing well and right back to her regular life. I fear that had she privately mentioned assisted suicide to her doctor in those recovery weeks, we would not have her here with us today. I know many physicians who will not be coerced into being complicit in killing their patients. They just care too much! But, you will lose them from the profession, and it will be a sad day indeed.

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