Tammy Humphrey

Thank you Garrett for asking me for my opinion. I whole heartly am against MAID which is a immoral act against human life the dignity of each life that God has given us I do not believe that a doctor or other persons can make this descion on one's life in a moral and conscience manner. We do not have the right to kill or do harm to any person.and to put any doctor in a position that will go against one's conscience to do no har. especially when people's are living in a capacity that can be treated or given the means to live thier life worth living or cannot make this descion on there own in a mental or physical manner. This is suicide and murder plain and simple which goes against the God given life we were created to have all rights under God No one has the right to make this descion under any circumstance to make this descion on behalf of another human life .have we lost our moral compass as a human race. Mentally challenged people cannot make this descion nor should we do this to children and babies that I see MAID is planning to add to this murderous act .this is a act of conscience and who in there right mind would agree to do this .without examining in there mind that they are doing the right and moral thing to take one's life. We all answer to God at our end whether we believe or not.there are options to help with pain and suffering and we should excersise all options to help preserve one's life. We have technology now that can help people and we need a Gov't that makes life worth living rather then put people in suffering to not want to live .we should never be intertaining this program for MAID nobody on earth has the right to choose who lives or dies or who is worthy to live on this planet. No doctor should be forced to make this descion and no government should have the right to pass such a inconceivable and heartless act into law .May God have Mercy on All Our Souls

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