Sherry Adams

I wish to voice my concern regarding the vulnerability of many patients who do not have supports needed to make healthy decisions and MAID is offered as an option to those who may feel like a burden! This is so wrong! I know of personal situations where persons were offered MAID and were not even terminally ill!!! They were in vulnerable situations and agreed to the offer! After asking her if that was what she really wanted, she felt it was against her conscience, however felt unworthy to stand up for herself and felt like she was a burden to her family! She denied MAID and lived another 2 years with her daughter- helping her with her son. I was shocked how quickly these decisions are “MAID”! I am even more concerned about the Mature Minor consent! I believe that is very dangerous and we must ensure the parents are the final authority with their children! No medical authority will have the heart of the child like the parent!

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