Robyn Campbell

These "effective referral" clause here is unnessecary, poorly timed, and encroach unfairly upon the rights of our medical practitioners. Unnessecary as we have medical care of all types available. It is not at all hard to go to a walk in clinic or specialized clinic to get a service if you are not able to get from your doctor. People can also seek out a new doctor if they find their doctor is not ethically in line with what they want. Poorly timed because we are already in a medical staffing crisis. Some doctors who hold strongly to certain matters of conscience will quit their jobs if this is forced upon them. This will worsen the staffing crisis and cause us to lose skilled medical practitioners who will not be easy to replace. Some will be irreplacable. It encroaches unfairly on a medical practitioner's rights. Freedom of conscience is a freedom which should not be cast aside lightly. Let us not play games. We know what issues this concerns. We do not have a swath of doctors refusing to refer for gallbladder surgery or to prescribe antibiotics. The principle issues this would concern would be referring for MAID and abortion. These are very serious issue for some doctors as they are ending a human life. It is not unreasonable for a doctor to percieve these as a contravention of both his job as one who seeks to save a preserve life and his conscience. Though doctors should be professional, they must not cease from being human as history has shown us the dark things which happen whem doctors lay aside any moral conviction and simply do the job they are told to do. The past century has been marked by horrific medical experimentation carried out by doctors who set aside their consciences to simply do their jobs. If this change is made, the long term results of both much more severe staffing crisis and doctors resign or move to other provinces or countries where they still have this freedom and the evil of moral-less doctors will be on your heads. Let our doctors act according to their consciences.

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