Robert Pagacz

Here in lies the dilemma. The intersection of parallels. How can this be? Parallels by definition can never intersect, but this is what the CPSA is proposing. That the medical profession of doctors in Alberta, real people, that took an oath to do no harm, submit to DOING harm by being forced to maintain, and lets be honest here without all flowery words, a killers list. A list of people that will discredit the Hypocritic oath, and take a life for money. This line of life is now being crossed. The preservation of life is rooted in the very core of what it is to be human. Has the CPSA even considered the detrimental affects on the health of physicians it claims to serve by wanting to impose a standard that goes against the core reason for becoming a physician? If the CPSA so under values it own ethics, SHAME! It must not demand by force and intimidation, that other physicians do the same. The oath and the social morality it expounds too, is bigger than the college and in fact, the college has no authority to change or marginalize it or the effect of it. Consider this. At one time, drugs were only administered by physicians, now kids in school peddle more. If doctors now have the license to kill, what will stop other groups from applying? All can be rationalized, like this proposal, all for the greater good? This is a pandora's box you must not open, just a FURTHER destruction of the medical systems integrity awaits on the other side.

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