Rick Kershaw

It is an affront to righteousness that for the last three years the CoPS has shown itself to have limited ethics and conscience by preventing doctors to provide early treatment for covid without having to send a patient to emergency gasping for breath or to persecute doctors for writing mask or vaccine exemptions when proper vaccine consent was not possible. The CoPS has inserted itself into doctor/patient confidentiality/decision making, where it dose not belong. How many people died as a result of these intrusions? I reject that the present CoPS (a business) has any moral authority to insert itself into any doctor/patient relationship based on its policies that so easily changed to fit the corporate/government narrative. Is it laughable that an organization that has shown little conscience now pretends to dictate it to others? They have demonstrated a lack of character, foresight and intellectual ability to see future consequences as demonstrated by the last three years, so no you should not be making these changes but should resign. Take stock and consider the slope that has steepened by pushing the present government policies.

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