Richard Pidde

Thank-you for your request for my opinion on MAID. As a retired family doctor working in rural medicine I am very familiar with end of life medical care. My opinion is that MAID is a an immoral disgrace on the medical profession. It is another symptom of moral decay based on a culture that denies objective morality because it denies the plain reality of the moral law giver-God. The reality is every person will stand before God and give an account of their actions. There is a reason everyone’s conscience knows this is wrong. God made us with an inner moral compass. Some choose to disregard it and will certainly face judgement. I am against MAID in everything it stands for because it is killing people. Something the culture based on subjective moralism refuses to see. People dying in pain riddled torment is a myth perpetuated by the promoters of this killing. Pain is very controllable in modern medicine. Thankfully I do not need to deal with the college promoting it as “conventional medicine.” I of course speak for all sorts of physicians who temper their responses rather than face the real possibility of negative consequences and losing their very hard earned profession.

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