Nerin Carr

This informed consent document gives "registered people" a license to manipulate patients. is much much better and discusses many court cases which support the obligations of doctors and how they will be seen in court. Your draft says doctors should let patients know about common risks. WRONG. Doctors must disclose ALL risks that a reasonable person would want to know about. The risk of death, even if rare, is something that a doctor shouldn't trick a patient into not knowing about. They also must provide alternate treatments. I would request informed consent be sought through a written document providing the patient with at least 3 days to review and sign. The doctor must answer all and any questions brought by the patient. The doctor must never receive any money or incentive or pressure in any way from anybody except the patient. If the doctor is under duress to recommend a treatment because he fears to lose his job or if he will get kickbacks for having a certain number of patients take a treatment, this must be disclosed for the patient to have full informed consent. Doctors should face permanent suspension of membership if ever accused and found to have committed a breach of informed consent. All doctors should have to admit to and request pardon for the violation of informed consent that they have inflicted on the community through: childhood vaccines, ADHD and depression medications, Opioid and other pain medicines, statins and above all masking, isolation, distancing, no COVID early treatment and the COVID injections. The cowardice, ignorance and callousness of doctors means that have absolutely nothing to offer patients. This informed consent document could begin to recover something from the ashes of a once honourable profession.

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