Mike Hertwig

It is completely unacceptable in a democratic system and given the intent and wording of Canada's constitution to force doctors to act against their convictions, especially convictions that have their base and origin in the religious and related ethical beliefs and principles of these doctors. Further, the Hippocratic Oath requires doctors to swear to do no harm. Evidently and arguably, abortion and assisted suicide do cause harm to at least one of the parties involved/affected and psychological harm to anyone who does not agree with these practices, but might be forced to participate in them against his/her will (for example, through forced referral). The proposed change in policy would force doctors who do not support abortion or assisted suicide to cause horrible psychological harm to themselves at the command of the state. That is 1984 stuff and totally unacceptable. Regrettably, there already are too many in the health system who are all to willing to provide referrals for abortion and assisted suicide. These people will do what they want to do and are not hard to find. LEAVE THE OTHER DOCTORS ALONE AND DO NOT VIOLATE THEIR CONSCIENCES, THEIR HEALTH - ESPECIALLY THEIR MENTAL HEALTH, AND THEIR RIGHT TO PROVIDE MEDICAL SERVICES AS THEY SEE BEST FOR THEIR PATIENTS. THE PROPOSED CHANGES WILL DRIVE A LOT OF GOOD AND CONSCIENTIOUS DOCTORS OUT OF PRACTICE.

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