Michelle Murray

Please keep all Charter references in the regulations visible and in the text not the footnotes. The rights of the doctors to NOT be involved in referring a patient to treatments that violate their conscience are vital to freedom of worship, which is guaranteed for all citizens of this country. Doctor’s rights to their conscientious objection must be protected! They should never be forced to be part of a referral process for treatment they have a moral or religious objection too. That is making them complicit in another persons choices to which they are guaranteed by our Charter to have the freedom to say no to. A patients rights do not outweigh a doctors rights. They are equal. An Alberta referral phone number line, like the one we currently have can be staffed and run by people who do not have moral, religious objections for the treatments being requested. The patients can get the information and referrals they would like without forcing a physician to be involved in the referral process. There is no need to involve a doctor in this process who morally wants to opt out. That must be respected and protected!

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