Michelle Lamer & Bruce Lamer

We do not agree with CPSA considering of a new policy that would require doctors to refer patients for every type of medical procedure, even so-called procedures like euthanasia that many doctors may not want to participate in. Euthanasia is written in the criminal code as 'homicide'. Referring a patient to a procedure such as the MAiD program is a form of participation, not care and violates core beliefs of the profession. Many doctors do not want to be forced into participation to a procedure such as 'homicide'. Doctors should absolutely be able to practise their profession with conscience with life giving care. We value being able to have a doctor who sticks to their principles and the oath that their actions as a doctor should not harm a patient. The current system is working fine. Forcing doctors to refer for procedures they disagree with will force doctors out of the profession or to other destinations, making access to a doctor even more difficult.

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