Marcella Hufnagel

Health care professionals are under the Hippocratic oath to do no harm and preserve life. How can I trust my health care professional if they are no longer under that oath? We have seen irreparable harm done to the trust and confidence of the public in our health care professionals in the last three years because it seemed they were more bound to "protocol procedures" and rhetoric instead of being able to have honest conversations with their clients to lay out all the risk to benefit factors in various procedures. Will I ever be able to fully trust a health care professional has my child's or my elderly parents' best interests in mind if THEY happen to have a different belief system about what is beneficial? And when we are talking about MAID or hormone therapy, how does one assess that the person is really of sound mind at that moment? At what age can a CHILD really make those decisions when they need parental supervision/permission for things like school field trips? How can one be permitted when others are not? I'm also concerned that with a health care system already seriously broken, you will be forcing many professionals to leave because they do not want to deal with this coercion. Why not allow people of a certain persuasion/belief system to practice privately and those that agree with their views can be their clients?

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