Lorraine Young

I may be wrong, but it is my understanding that the vast majority of men and women who become doctors or other medical professionals do so in order to care for, protect and preserve human health and life, They do not do so in order to destroy or to promote the destruction of human life at the whim of government officials, their bureaucrats or even popular (that is, changeable) public opinion. Doctors, nurses and others in the medical professions go through many years of study, training and practice to be healthcare providers, not dealers in the cult of death. Some few of them may have chosen to accept a misguided understanding of compassion based on the popular (that is, changeable) belief that some human lives are not worthy of care or protection and can therefore be eliminated. I am sorry for them and for their patients, for they have lost their calling and their dignity. They will have to deal with the consequences of their choice when their own ends come. Those who choose to continue to uphold the proper high standard of "Do no harm" must not be compelled to fall into a temporary political and ideological line that undermines their deepest convictions about the sanctity of life. They must not be forced to provide death as a solution to health concerns and they must not be forced to refer patients to those who are willing to do so. The very idea that government, public opinion or even the law (all of which are in fact changeable) could or would force doctors and other healthcare providers to go against their wills, beliefs, consciences or faiths, in order to embrace the death-cult whether directly or indirectly is abhorrent. Please in the name of God and all that is good and honourable, do not do this.

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