As a person who has suffered incredibly physically for over 15 years, there were times I felt like a Veterinarian wouldn’t allow an animal to suffer like what I was enduring, however for me and for many, there was a light after a long tunnel, and its concerning how many may give up while in such vulnerable states if the option was so easily available to them. Although the journey here was unbelievably difficult, I am so thankful that I held on, as I am here blessed to live a full life and be a present Mother to my precious son. If someone in such difficult circumstances gave up and there was an easy option to help someone do that available, it’s concerning how many may take the ticket out in their suffering state. I trusted that if God still had me here, then He still had plans for me, and I’m so thankful my faith held the line in those excruciating times and I’m here to write this and to live my life. I felt called to write this as I know what it’s like to be desperate, to be beyond what you feel a humans capacity to endure is, it’s a very vulnerable difficult state. I have great compassion for those suffering, and I also have a testimony to offer, of hope, faith and freedom that choosing ‘life’ can bring.

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