Janice Miersma

I am writing to express my strong support for a conscientious objection provision in your new Standards, that is, that healthcare professionals should NOT be forced to violate their conscience and how they perceive the meaning of the Hippocratic oath which many of them have taken by forcing them to refer patients for abortions, euthanasia, and other controversial practices which they as doctors do not see as in the best interests of their patients. Abortions, for example, do have consequences for the mother, as well. Our current system allows a patient to find a MAiD - or abortion - provider without their objecting physician being forced to be involved. Forcing a doctor to make an “effective referral plan” is forcing them to participate in the evil of abortion or euthanasia. Patients seek providers whose values align with theirs. As a senior, I do not want a doctor who will pressure or even facilitate euthanasia for me as I firmly believe it is God's decision as to when I depart this life, not mine or any other human. I am sure, too that many disabled persons or persons suffering from mental illness who despite their suffering do not desire to die, want to find doctors who will help them live, not assist them to die. Adopting the proposed wording in the new standards will drive doctors and other health professionals out of Alberta. We already have a shortage of physicians. Enforcing these new "standards" will result in the loss of many fine physicians dedicated to the saving of lives.

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