Janice Craig

Physicians and other health care providers should NOT be coerced or mandated to refer patients for procedures that violate their consciences or are contrary to their personal beliefs. I am curious that the CPSA is soliciting opinion from regular Albertans at this time as I am unaware of a precedent, although I could be wrong. During the Covid years, I would have appreciated being able to have a voice and to advocate, as I have here, that physicians be allowed to treat and advise their patients according to their own knowledge, research and experience, including trying treatments that could help and would not harm. The CPSA, however, was instrumental in banning and prohibiting these reasonable actions. Credible, diligent, physicians and other scientists were discredited, censored and suspended by the CPSA. It's past time now for all agencies such as the CPSA; all who colluded with government, public health, media and others in promoting the seemingly 'prescribed' Covid narrative, to stop and change course. It's time to admit errors, to investigate excess deaths and disability, autoimmune conditions, 'turbo' cancers, heart incidents. and clots... to issue a stop order for future Covid MRNA shots beginning with children.

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