James Kitchen

I think it is reasonable to question whether the CPSA's motivation for these changes is to pressure doctors who do not share the woke views of the CPSA doctors and administrators into violating their consciences or to oppress and exclude those who will not act contrary to their consciences. It is difficult to accept these changes are merely a misguided attempt to improve accessibility to services that some patients want. A proper identification of the important interests impacted by these changes, and a proper balancing of those interests, clearly reveals that the damage done to doctors, society, medial ethics, and the availability and delivery of quality care clearly outweighs whatever small, hypothetical increase in access to certain services may be realized, such access likely not being limited in the first place. To hyper-prioritize access to morally questionable services such as abortion and euthanasia and under-value the need to permit professionals to practice according to their conscience is playing politics, not improving the practice of medicine. the CPSA must stop pretending otherwise. Patients and the public are best served when they can find professionals who share their values and the interactions are all candid and voluntary. Progressive-minded people can easily find health professionals who share their values. These changes amount to attempt to remove health professionals who share the values of conservative-minded patients, which is obviously not good regulation and amounts to nothing more than the abuse of power for the purposes of penalizing political opponents. I make these comments not merely as an "Albertan", but as civil rights lawyer who regularly defends professionals from politically-motivated professional regulatory bodies who abuse their power to persecute professionals who express dissenting views and hold conservative values.

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