Hadyn Place

The existing rules are sufficient to protect patients' right to access services. An "effective referral" will violate the Charter right to freedom of conscience for Alberta doctors. As the federal government continues to consider widened eligibility for euthanasia and assisted suicide to Canadians' suffering from conditions like depression, the need to protect doctors' conscience rights has only grown. When the Supreme Court decision first came down on Euthanasia a majority of Canadian doctors objected to providing "care" that they felt violated their Hippocratic Oath. While the number of doctors who object may no longer be an outright majority, it is undoubtedly a significant minority. As criteria for assisted dying has expanded, many doctors who might not have objected to its use in cases where the patient's death was undoubtedly imminent might now have objections in cases where death is not foreseeable. The current standards strike the right balance - the proposed standard is too much, particularly given the federal government's expansion of eligibility for assisted suicide/euthanasia.

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