Fran Sorobey

I am sharing my feedback because I am very concerned on how our health care system is going in Canada (more specifically the province of Alberta). It is in a great state of crisis. There is definitely a shortage of doctors. Have you done the research to ask why this is occurring? It is my personal opinion that there is too much interference and dictatorship coming from the College of Physicians and Surgeons, provincial and federal governments and the pharmaceutical companies. These governing bodies are interfering by not allowing an individual’s doctor to strictly and confidentially deal with their patients. Doctors are suppose to be there for the people and the health of the people. Can you ensure that medical decisions remain in the hands of patients and their trusted health care providers, free from undue influence or suppression? First and foremost, whatever happened to the doctor patient relationship? My doctor knows me best and I am in tune with my own body. Why are there outsiders telling doctors and the citizens of Canada (Alberta) what is required and needed for their own body? Do we really need all these outside individuals that know absolutely nothing about you providing a one size fits all? Secondly, my medical professional should maintain my medical privacy and my right to conscientious medical care providing he/she is practicing medicine that keeps their patient healthy. In addition, pharmaceuticals and/or medical procedures are not always the answer. The practicing of alternative medicine is never mentioned. May I ask why? As of today’s date, I have not read and/or heard of any suffering from side effects taking vitamins and minerals; eating healthy; and exercise. However, when pharmaceutical drugs are prescribed there are many side effects. It would be a blessing if the College of Physician and Surgeons would promote and support alternative medicine so that there would be more healthier people without needing pharmaceuticals that are addicting and destroying the vital organs in human beings. In closing, I value doctors that can stick to their principles; have their ultimate goal in keeping patients healthy; provide confidently to each individual that they treat. Sincerely hope that the doctors of today and the College of Physicians and Surgeons can still remember their promises of the "Hippocrates Oath" and the four of the pillars are: "first, do no harm" (or "primum non nocere,"

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