Erin Foong

I completely disagree with physicians being required to make an “effective referral” for MAiD (assisted suicide), abortion (infanticide), or any other controversial and fatal decision. Physicians in Alberta have acted in the best interests of their patients because they’ve been able to exercise freedom of conscience in these areas. The CPSA is making a grave and irreparable error if it persists in forcing physicians to make “effectual referrals”. I trust my doctor to act in my best interest and protect my own life and, if I am pregnant, the life of my unborn child, rather than promoting an irreversible and fatal decision, that most people don’t actually want. When I think of my doctor or all physicians, I think of the mantra “do no harm”. Referring someone to be killed is the exact opposite of this. We will see an exodus of more physicians in a province that already doesn’t have enough physicians available.

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