Dr. Rob Greidanus

I am deeply concerned that someone that has a mental illness causing suicidal ideations will end up consenting to MAID while they are unwell and in their vulnerable state. These same type of patients have previously been certified under the mental health act and forced to have psychiatric treatment against their will due to the fact that they have a mental illness causing an altered sense of reality and self worth and were a threat to themselves. These policies now stand in conflict. How can the physician be really certain these patients are of sound mind and are truly giving informed consent rather than just helping them act on suicidal ideations from an inadequately treated mental illness? This is a very vulnerable group of patients and physicians as well as the CPSA have an ethical obligation to protect and advocate for their health and appropriate treatment. This is coming at a time where there is a major deficiency in Mental health resources and access in Canada. Who is going to safeguard that this doesn't become the 'easy out' for patients suffering from mental illness but are not able to access appropriate treatment? Many more safeguards need to be in place. I am deeply concerned and disappointed that my profession would be in support of Bill C-39 and would enable it being put in to practice with this policy!

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