Dale Hufnagel

My understanding is that every physician is sworn to uphold the well-being of every patient. His or her understanding of the well-being and safety of every patient cannot be dictated by government or bureaucratic protocol, but by his or her understanding of the patient and his or her conscience. To impose referrals that would violate his or her conviction of what is best for the patience is fundamentally a violation of the oath our physicians take. This must not in any way be imposed upon them by government or medical bureaucracy. This idea of government and bureaucratic imposition is the type of criminal violation that our medical personal were and are subjected to through many protocols imposed upon them in the treatment of sickness such as COVID-19. The result is a catastrophe of the population not being clearly informed and guided by their physicians. Instead, our physicians are muzzled and coerced by threat of losing their jobs to abstain from counselling and treating their patients with what they considered best for their well-being.

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