Cynthia Murphy

Doctors should be able to engage with patients the way they see fit without political influence from the college. For example, when I turned 60 my doctor said she had a "legal obligation" to offer me statins. Where does that legal obligation come from? It should not exist. Now I'm 69 and she again offered statins and again I told her I will never take them so she put "noncompliant" on my electronic record. Non compliant with what? I am totally compliant with my right to refuse. Regarding covid-iocy, doctors were forced to tell their patients to get the experimental shot or lose their license. Bottom line is, unless doctors have autonomy, patients have to be stoic and fight for their right to make their own choices with the data provided to them. I no longer trust doctors because their right to make conscientious decisions has been stripped away by the college.

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