Colm Joseph MacCarthy FCFP CCFP EM Assistant Clinical Professor in Family Medicine at the University of Alberta (Retired)

Palliative care has significantly improved over the years so that in the vast majority of cases patients nearing death can be reassured that they will be kept comfortable and pain free. In the odd case where a patient determined that they wanted to opt for MAID, I would have respected their decision in my previous life as a physician, even though I may not have agreed with it. I would not have wanted to participate in that process or to be forced to do so which is basically what the CPSA is trying to do under the new process it is proposing. We all want to live authentic lives. Yet the CPSA is planning to coerce some physicians in to be inauthentic and to do something that is intrinsically immoral to them under the guise of facilitating patient care. As someone who worked on the Complaints and Review Committee for the CPSA for over 6 years, I currently find the ideology and lack of ethics of the CPSA to be appalling, and I would suggest that the Alberta Government significantly overhaul the right of the CPSA to maintain self regulation.

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