Caterina Monai Brophy

I find it very concerning that the CPSA is considering changes to their policy in regards to protecting the conscience rights of doctors. Every individual is entitled to the right of conscience. How can doctors in particular treat their patients with the upmost care for their well being if they are not allowed to do so in good conscience ? Why should a doctor be forced to partake in a decision which he feels would be harmful to his patient ? If a patient does not agree with the doctor’s advice or opinion he/she is free to pursue another opinion elsewhere and can certainly access resources and information on their own. Are we not in the middle of a medical crisis in this province ? Are we not suffering because of a shortage of medical doctors ? I had a very excellent doctor who left the practice due to the stresses in the system. I have been without a doctor for almost a year now and I fail to see how this consideration of changes to policy by the CPSA is going to improve that situation. We have already seen the exodus of a number of doctors in the past few years which have brought us to a crisis situation. Restricting their right to conscience most certainly will drive more doctors out of their profession or out of the country. The existing policy as it stands allows our doctors to practice in good conscience and also protects the rights of the patient. Both parties are protected. Therefore I am strongly opposed to the implementation of any changes to the Conscientious Objection Standard.

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